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tv   ABC 7 News    January 16, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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welcome to "the electric playground." you may know us as the show that covers everything cool every single day. today on "the electric playground" it's our awards for everything cool in 2010, favorite movies, tv shows, video games, gadgets and more. we have a great episode for you. i'm victor lucas. today is all about 2010. we're going to give out awards to our favorite movies, tv shows, gadgets, video games, and more. from the big screen to the tiniest of screens, we have no shortage of terrific entertainment last year. consider this your ultimate entertainment package. >> we're going to start with our bluray expert. she's going to give us her picks for best tv on bluray.
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>> if you're anything like me, you watch your favorite tv shows all at once in the comfort of your home on bluray. 2010 has great releases and here are our favorites. the gritty western series "dead wood" finished in 2006 but late 2010 we got to see all three seasons on bluray. "the twilight" seasons one and two were released in the fall. moving from the sci-fi program to a modern day phenomenon, "battle star galactica." there was one that surpassed all the others, and that is "lost." for those of you broken hearted about the climax, all seasons should enable you to get your "lost" fix for years to come. >> i've been working on this project for six years. >> it comes in a very full box, everything a "lost" fan would
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expect. >> "the electric playground" reviews on the run gives awards for best in video games every year. we thought we would let our experts handle the ps 3 game of the year. >> you mean you and me? >> yeah. and we're in suits and there are other people there, too. >> okay. let's go to best play station game of the year. mlb 10 the show, heavy rain, mod nation racers and joe danger. >> i'll start with this one. >> all right. what are you going to vote ffor? >> i love joe danger, man. >> awesome game. >> one of the best games of 2010. screw that, of all time! i know yoo are just going to roast me now. go ahead and roast me. let me tell you something, scott. you're an idiot!
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>> it's a tossup between heavy rain and god of war. heavy rain is totally different for me. i'm giving my vote to heavy rain. >> especially now in retrospect, i see how that game merits so much attention. i had more fun with battle war three. abo >> you know what? i go for god of war 3. >> it felt really familiar. >> it sure did. >> heavy rainaas unique but flawed. >> i would love to vote for infamous 2. i would love to vote for the big pan et 2 and all the games that are not out. thank you for sony. you know, god of war fans, god of war 3. >> god of war 3 is our winner. best play station 3 game of 2010. most people say that their phone is the most important gadget in
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their life. we're giving out the gadget of the year award to one of the many smart phones. >> that is so boring and so predictable. we thought we would go in a different direction. >> that's right. we're going to give our gadget of the year award to apple's ipad. >> that's right. apple's ability to release software updates and the entldls catalog of apps. >> it's a great gaming platform. >> i know you don't leave home without yours. >> i don't. >> it's right over there. but it's an awesome machine. apple really nailed it on the first try. so congratulations to apple. you've done it again. stick around. we've got more best of 2010 awards right after this. come up after the break, we've got the best tv show comedies, the coolest x box 360 games and much more. [ female announcer ] when you're coughing, can't breathe, new icy hot no-mess vapor gel soothes airways with cooling vapors. new icy hot no-mess vapor gel. [ sighs ]
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welcome back to "the electric playground." we caught up with many of our favorite comedy tv shows and our award winner for best comedy. take a look. >> pull yourself together! >> it's a show that lends itself to the exploration of a lot of different shgenres of story telling. >> i just want a contact for being hot. >> we find ourselves at the community college and form a unit, a family with a lot of tension. there is silliness and
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character-based comedy. >> this is looking more and more like -- >> they say treat it like a heating pad. oh, there it is again. >> it's very funny. it's very well crafted, i think. and it's very real and natural and it's like a perfect storm or something. >> i have an interesting family. my writing partner has an interesting family. and that's what is making us laugh. we tell stories about what is going on in our lives. we say let's write about this. >> put your fingers all over my fanny. magic fingers. let's talk about the best x box 360 game of 2010. we're going back to our panel of esteemed experts. >> are we esteemed? >> we absolutely are esteemed. let's move on to the best exclusive x box 360 game of the year. our nominees are halolo reach, dance central, favor 3 and limbo. what's our best 360 exclusive?
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>> without a doubt, limbo. this is a game that i will think about, i will be old. my memories will have faded from all the years of drinking. i'll be on any deathbed and i'll still be thinking about that little boy with the eyes and black and white forest. >> limbo for me. >> oh, my gosh. i would say halo. limbo will live on for years. it stays in your mind. it does. >> well, i just want to give a shoutout to allen rake. i thought that was a great game and undersold. >> i want won by allen rake. especially going back after we took a look at it and went back. there is story telling. >> it did great things with the lighting. it wasn't game of the year. the game of the year for x box 360 is limbo. >> i go with reach or limbo. i think reach wasn't as g i give
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it to limbo. >> the best 360 game of the year is a downloadable game, limbo. >> unbelievable. it's the most played. >> who would have predicted this? a sweep. >> some executive just threw him over a bridge. he is playing limbo as well. >> definitely a surprise pick. now later in the show, we're going to have our movie of the year award. i hear you have some awards that you've been dying to hand out. >> that's right. you and i see a lot of movies on this show. a lot of the movies don't fit into traditional categories. without further ado, here's the 2010 scott movie awards. >> did you make a trophy for these? >> no. "clash of the titans." >> i would have picked that one, too. "legend of the guardians." >> also could have benefitted
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from a shorter title. >> a show that really needed it, "guilty." i love that movie. "tide," "sex in the city 2" and "clash of the titans." sorcerer's apprentice and best use in carpeting, "green." best random mascot. "hot machine." >> they have to make a movie just out of that bear. the less fating, slhrek forever after. >> everybody wanted that award. >> the oscars ain't got nothing on you, scott. >> next year i'm wearing any
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gown. >> okay. >> that will be fun. we'll be right back with more of et's best of 2010. coming up, mary has the bluray of the year and check out the best of the wii and awards for tv drama and much more.@ñ@ñ@ñ@ññ
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garlique's clinically tested ingredient maintains healthy cholesterol naturally. eat right. exercise. garlique. welcome back to "electric playground." movie studios are doing their best to keep us buying classic videos on disk. here is our bluray guru to give us her picks for best bluray of 2010. >> 2010 was a great year for releases. one standout is "the man with no name" trilogy. the classic western trilogy got the hd treatment complete with tons of extras and special features. this box set is highly collectible and a must own. >> take your gun off. >> taking over into sci-fi, "thx
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1138" was another high point. the special features were amazing, particularly a documentary about a production company and a landscape of independent cinema in the 1970s. there were tons of great release flz 2010. one in particular surpassed the rest in terms of quality, collectability and content, and that bluray is -- "avatar the xlended collect extended collector's edition." there are hours of extras. i found myself glued to the tv for the extensive interviews, casting tapes, behind the scenes footage and more. it simply doesn't get better than this on bluray. >> once again i'll turn it over to my friends to hand out the award for best wii game of 2010. we're about to talk about the best exclusive wii game of 2010. the best exclusive ps 3 game earlier in the show. on the wii, we've got super
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mario galaxy two, kirby's epic yard, donkey congress and a little game we love called kay cave story. >> the best game i played on the wii this year is super mario galaxy two. it is refinementst mario formula. it's beautiful and awesome. >> 100% agree with that. what about yourself? >> you can't go wrong with super mario galaxy. epic yard was cool for me. super mario galaxy 2. >> it was genius. i loved it. >> i don't think i scored high enough. i keep playing it and keep finding new things to love. kirby's epic yard. and that's my game. >> it does win you over with the cuteness. it's an excellent game. >> our winner is super mario
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galaxy two. congratulations. at the end of 2010 a little show came along to grab us by the brain. along comes "the walking dead." it instantly hooked me. it scored the drama of 2010. we caught up with some of the stars. >> what is "walking dead" about? >> "the walking dead" is about a group of survivors at the end of the world. it's about people. i think it's a story about people who are doing their best not to turn into monsters, discovering that that can be a little more difficult than a few more levels than they anticipated. >> i wish i could live with that. >> you get to work with frank daribaum. what is that like? >> he is an artist. things are constantly changing. he always wants to sort of bring out the truth in every single
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scene. it's pretty cool. we're really doing zombie picture that is completely and brutally honest. >> more winners after the break. don't go away. game of the year and movie of game of the year and movie of the year are coming up. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. welcome back to "the electric playground". this is my friend scott jones. we both feel very fortunate to cover all of this cool stuff. this is a very fun job. >> if this looks fun, that's because it is. >> before we get to the best movie and video games of the year award, we thought we would take a look back at our favorite moments of 2010. >> i'm a big fan of doing the robot when i'm dancing. >> bond, james bond. >> most importantly, people want
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to know, the video game exposition, how were the booths? >> why would you want to kill shakespeare? >> i think shakespeare is becoming, don't you? >> you know something? that was a damn good interview. >> you're a damn good interviewee. >> you know that. >> good times there. time for the big ones, everybody. best movies and best games of the year. >> that's right. 2010 was dominated by big box office success and animation and science fiction which is right up our alley. we also love the low buget surprises, too. here are our picks for the best movies of 2010.
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despicable me features several voices and we love the humor of this 3-d feature. this documentary is completely riveting of suspense and will make you think twice the next time you're on facebook. iron man two may not live up to the predecessor, but it still delivered rip roaring good times to the big screen. 2010 was a bit right on super heroes. tony stark didn't let us down. >> you loved "iron man"? >> i loved it. they were great. but none of them are the pick of the year. that goes to "versus the world." now you in particular were charmed by this movie. >> i was. >> it is a very good name. high quality. >> you know what i like? hottage to bluray people and the as thetices and the music, i was
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in love. >> what are you doing? >> getting a light. >> it's a great distillation of everything we do on the show. these are people that we love and here they were getting together to make this deep hommage to everything we love. it's funny, profound, smart. i don't know what else you want in a movie. this is why it's my pick, absolutely for 2010. >> great fight scene. great performances. it's awesome. >> my baggage doesn't try to kill me every five minutes. >> and now it's time for game of the year. and that, we have to go back to our team of esteemed experts with reviews on the run. >> i love that. keep calling us esteemed. best game of 2010. >> you know, it's a tough category. i got to go with limbo. it hurts me a little bit because it is a short game. but it is a game that stays with me. >>onorable mention, red death. really. expansive, huge, best western game.
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>> that works, sucking up to me, by the way. so does money. >> all right. ben? >> well, it is an insane year. my honorable mention goes to limbo. great, amazing. wonderful. we talked about it. the game that i thought really was defining moment for me this year is rock band 3. it teaches you how to be a musician. it actually -- it crosses the threshold. >> that was never more true than it was in 2010. you know, it's tough for me to settle on, you know, on one game. but limbo, i got to go with limbo. it's a game that i think about before i go to bed at night, while i'm eating my cereal. this game is going to stay with me to the end. my honorable mention is donkey kong. >> i'm going to give my game year vote to red dead and honorable mention to nba
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2010-11. we see these damn things every year and takes a hell of a lot to impress the jaded video gamers out there. how about yourself? >> you know, i have no flipping clue what my game of the year is. if i have to pick a game that i thought meant the most this year, i would have to go with limbo. seeing that game and experiencing it, it was great. i'm going to give my honooable mention to nba 2010-11. >> that is an acceptable answer. rother? >> mine goes to assassin three brotherhood. i love that game. best of the three. but again, broken record over here, limbo. >> amazing. amazing. >> i would not have called this. but limbo wins the reviews on the run, game of the year award. congratulations to little guys can win. today you got all the best of 2010 in 30 minutes. >> that's right, put your seat belt on. buckle up, 2011 will be even
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bigger. >> it's already happening. we have work to do. thanks for watching "the electric playground." you want more of us, go online. we've got it all. >> we'll see you soon. -- captions by vitac --
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